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Choosing a Cleaner

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Back in the day, when I received quotes from cleaning companies, I used to feel like I found a good deal when I got a quote for 1/2 the projected cleaning hours of another quoteI thought they must be really fast cleaners! What I quickly discovered, however, was that I would merely get half the service.

Over a period of trial and error, I discovered that there is no REAL magic in cleaning (yikes, did I just write that as the owner of a cleaning company?) AND comparing Cleaning Quotes is often like comparing apples and oranges (it all depends on the company's assumptionshow detailed a clean do they perform? How long do they estimate spending in each room? etc.).

If one company quotes 3 hours to clean your home and another company quotes 6 hours, you're likely going to get TWICE the DETAILED clean with the second company.
The question is... do you need a 3-hour clean or a 6-hour clean?

Cleaning a home is hard work, and it takes timeyou probably already know this, that's why you're looking for a house cleaner! So...

How to choose a cleaning company

 Consider Service
What do you need done and can the company cater to your needs? Maybe you want a really detailed clean with corners cleared, baseboards scrubbed, and surfaces disinfected. Or maybe you just want a quick wipe-down of dusty surfaces and a little tidying up.
OR MAYBE you have children crawling on the floor all day and pets running inside and out (like I do!), and you want a disinfecting GREEN clean that's safe for the whole family. Does the cleaning company cater to YOUR needs?

Seattle Green Earth Cleaning caters to YOUR needs. While our STANDARD clean is a DETAILED clean (this is what we quote), we know that each client is unique. You don't have to be part of the top 1% of earners in the US in order to have a house cleaner. You can
give us your list of priorities, and we will work with you to create a custom cleaning plan, within YOUR budget... just for you.

We are also proud to publicly post our standard cleaning checklist per type of room, so you can get a quick idea of how detailed our standard clean is. Feel free to compare it to other companies, and see why we stand out.

 Consider Cost

Some companies charge by the hour, some charge by some estimated "job". We believe in total transparency, so to make things straightforward, we charge by the hour. This way, you are only charged for the service you receive. And, unlike many other cleaning companies, we list our prices. You'll find we're not the cheapest cleaners out there, but we ARE LESS expensive than many of the national chains (who really aren't environmentally- or socially-responsible!) and local "green" cleaners.

We also believe in long-term relationships with our clients. And we know times are tight for nearly everyone, so we can customize a cleaning plan to fit YOUR BUDGET.

Finally, we want to support those who support our community. So, we offer a discount on EVERY clean to those who join us in contributing to our chosen local community organization.

 Consider the Company

What do you value? What kind of company do you want to support? We believe that how we spend our money is likely the truest reflection of our values. In choosing a specific product or service, we are each contributing to the creation of our world. How inspiring... and empowering!!

At Seattle Green Earth Cleaning, we believe that we all have a role to play in creating a better world—whether an individual, a small, local cleaning business or a Fortune 500 multinational. We believe every company should add value to its community and serve the social good (after all, that's the kind of company we'd like to support!). That's why...

We ONLY use GREEN productsall natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable. You can rest assured that all of our cleaning products are environmentally-friendly and safe for you, your children, your pets... your entire family!

Nearly all the products we use are made from sustainable and/or recycled materials and Made in the USA. This is especially important to us in these times of domestic economic challenge. We want the dollars we spend to support local jobs and communities.

Further, we know that cleaning is hard work, so we offer a generous compensation package that respects and values our employees. This also enables us to hire the very best, experienced cleaners who know those tricks of the trade.

Finally, we contribute to our community by offering our services free of charge to organizations and individuals in the community who would benefit from them, participating in recycling and reuse programs, and offering clients who support community causes a discounted cleaning rate.

Learn even more about why we consider ourselves Seattle's Planet-friendly, People-friendly cleaning company here.

So, to summarize...

Choosing a cleaning company is not as complex as it may seem. Consider what you need done, how will the company work with you to create a custom plan, how much you want to pay per hour and what kind of company you want to support.

Of course, we'd love it if you choose us. :-)
But if you didn't, we’d sure appreciate knowing why. We are always trying to be of the greatest value to our clients, so any feedback you could provide would be great!

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