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FORMS: Quote Request, Service Worksheet and Feedback Form

Fill out the Quote Request form below, and we'll e-mail you a quote within 24 hours - often a whole lot quicker.

If our cleaner arrives and determines that it will take significantly more or less time, we will let you know immediately. If we cannot get ahold of you and our cleaner thinks it will take more time than quoted, we will limit the work time to within 15 minutes of the quote, unless you specify otherwise in the Additional Information section of the Quote Request. Note, in these cases, our cleaners generally focus on kitchens and bathrooms.

Thank you for your interest in Seattle Green Earth Cleaning. We looking forward to cleaning your home... now, go live your life!
Quote Request

Complete and submit this form if you are interested in receiving a Time and Price Quote for an environmentally-friendly, socially- responsible cleaning.



E-mail Address:

Telephone Number(s):

Home Address: 


       Street Address:

                   If Condo/Apartment, name of complex:
                   Unit #, if applicable:



Type of Residence:

Total Square Feet (to be cleaned):

(Please note: only one offer can be used per cleaning. Thank you!):
How did you hear about us?:

Number of Bedrooms 


        Small/Medium (bed, dresser, desk):

        Large/Master (king bed, dresser, sitting area, plus):

Number of Bathrooms 


        Half Baths (toilet, sink):

        Full Bath (toilet, sink, tub/shower combo):

        Master Bath (double or two vanities, separate shower & bath tub):

Additional Rooms/Areas to be Cleaned (check all that apply) 





Living Room


Dining Room




Family/Rec Room


Laundry Room


Mud Room







Other (Please list)  
Do you have children?

  No children
  Yes, 1-2 children
  Yes, 3+ children
Is "kid clutter" something you would like help containing?
(You know, all those half-finished projects that tend to get stacked in the corner.)

 YES, please!
 Comments on Children (ie: age - baby, preschooler, elementary, etc.):
(Note: Many of us have children too, so we like to add just a little bit of time to our
Quote Request to ensure we get to everything. :-)
Do you have any pets?

   No pets
   Yes pets:
Do you need help with pet hair?
(ie: does your sofa look like another pet?
Do tumbleweeds roll out from beneath furniture or behind doors?)

 YES, please!
(Note: Though we all LOVE pets and enjoy their company while we work,
we do have a few cleaners who are allergic to and/or have a phobia about some kinds of pets -- specifically German Shepherds-- so in order to ensure a good, healthy Cleaner-Client fit, we ask for specifics. Thank you!):

On a cleanliness scale of 1 to 5,
what will your home be like at the time of cleaning?

   1 - Tidy & pristine
   2 - Lived in & comfortable
   3 - Lived in & in need of some help
   4 - On the verge of chaotic
   5 - HELP!
Please list any special cleaning requests or specific priorities that you may have or additional services that you would like completed:  
Do you specifically want to CAP YOUR CLEANING TO A CERTAIN NUMBER OF HOURS or BUDGET? If so, how many hours/dollars? And what are your priorities? We are happy to work with you to customize a cleaning plan to meet your needs.:

 Service Worksheet

In addition to our standard list of services - which is often more extensive than other cleaning companies - we also offer additional concierge services upon request. If you are interested in any of these services, just complete the form below and we will add these items to the cleaning list for your home.

Note that selecting additional services will require more cleaning time to complete and thus your cleaning will reflect these additional hours. But we are at your service and eager to do what you need done! Let us clean your home... so you can live your life!

Service Worksheet





Date of Clean (or TBD):


Please check the additional
you would like completed:


Wash dishes


Clean microwave interior


Clean dishwasher interior


Clean oven interior


Gather and take out garbage


Vacuum furniture


Wash interior windows




Strip/make beds




Water plants


Clean cabinet or closet interiors


Wash walls

Please list any additional cleaning services you would like us to complete:

Please provide detailed instructions for completing all items checked above:




Our first priority is to exceed your expectations and make your life easier! We believe that our success is rooted in our strong, solid relationships with our over-the-top-happy customers. Your feedback - both positive and constructive - helps us continually improve our services. Your feedback also directly affects your cleaner's semi-annual bonuses. So, thank you in advance for your time and thoughts!

Feedback Form
Date of cleaning:
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor & 5 being excellent), how would you rate our services?  
  Overall Cleaning 12345
  Kitchen 12345
  Bathrooms 12345
  Bedrooms 12345
  Common Areas 12345
Customer service in setting up your appointment and following up 12345
Customer service of cleaner (if you were home during the cleaning and met them) 12345
Would you recommend us to a friend? YesNo
               Why or why not?:
 Will you use us again?
                Why or why not?:

Additional, specific feedback you would like to share:  
Are there specific services you would like us to add to our menu of options?:  
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